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A Schoolwide Competition and Fundraiser

All year students can earn points for reading. These points are both individual and gradewide.


Through a reporting system, students update their pages/minutes read per week.


Community members may pledge to donate money to support individuals joining the competition. They might also pledge money for the overall cause but only upon, for instance, the freshman class collectively reading for 100,000 minutes. Others may pledge to donate once the school reaches a schoolwide goal (1,000,000 minutes read collectively).  Various events throughout the year will also allow students to raise money for their team.


What’s at stake?


The winning grade wins a yearly title and earns the THHS CUP, which will be engraved and put on display for the year.


Individuals win prizes based on how much they accomplish. The Grand Prize is a spot on a spring overnight trip that is paid for by the Reading Initiative.

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