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Below are some key events for this year's Witching Hour. We sold out the event last week. As we get more chaperones, we are opening more spots so be sure to check your email to see if there's still space available.

Reading Events

Reading sessions will offer students two different ways to enjoy reading. The first is to simply read your own book in your own spot in the Gym. You can read a book, an e-book, listen to an audiobook, read a comic, etc. The second is to join a "reading room" where you can listen to stories read aloud (and read them aloud) in a group. Here are the Reading Room Options:

Jack O' Lantern

The Horror Room – hear Halloween stories that only the bravest among us should be prepared to hear.

The Gothic Reading Room - hear classic Halloween stories read aloud. Think Edgar Allen Poe and "The Raven."


The Baby Room – hear Halloween stories that are festive (some just straight up cute) and should not end up with you having nightmares. 

Image by Hannah Troupe

Hang Out Excursions

In between reading sessions, you will be able to hang out with your friends. Like the reading hours, you can either choose to stay in the Gym, or you can join "excursions" where you participate in Halloween-themed activities. Here are the excursion options:

Arts & Crafts Room – a relaxing room for those who want to hang around making Halloween inspired art with friends

Trivia & Candy in the Courtyard– join Halloween-themed trivia contests with a team, eat Halloween candy, and sit around a fire pit in the Courtyard

Escape the Room – join a team and solve puzzles designed by Ms. Laverde


Movie Rooms – watch a Halloween movie (at different levels of 'not rated R' scary) with friends. 

The Movie Rooms

Here are the movie room options during the "hang out" excursions:

The PG-13 but still Scary Rooms – we will show Five Nights at Freddy's, M3GAN, Insidious, and The Sixth Sense

The Cartoon Rooms – we will show Coraline, a Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" Marathon, and The Nightmare Before Christmas

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